Has your Water Bill Sky Rocketed? This could be why!

Posted by Jason Froude on Friday, February 12th, 2016 at 11:22am.

Many new home owners have taken the extra measure to be responsible and to ensure that their home does not dry out to fast. Cold Canadian winters can take their toll on your new home with the sub zero temperatures dropping humidity drastically. Using a humidifier in your home along with your preferred measuring device to monitor the humidity you are well armed to combat the nail pops, shrinking hardwood and cracking wall joints that are possible if you let nature take its course. The selection on humidifiers is vast and confusing but a journey worth taking. I will help you make a decision on what might be best for your situation.

Option 1 is the old tried and true stand alone model that you can place around the house and monitor when the water runs out. Some of these models even have a Humidity readings built in. They are efficient on water but maybe not convenient for your busy schedule or an eye sore and noisy. These units will draw more power as they utilize a fan to blow the dry air over water trays or coils.

Option 2 is the Flow Thru or Drum Humidifiers that attach to your furnace. This set up is great and usually has little maintenance associated with them. The drum can get mineral deposits and the standing water in the tray has been an issue of debate for illness. The Drum has a float and will use water as the drum rolls and warm air from the furnace passes over it to distribute through the home. When the water level drops the water turns on until the float raises again. The float should be checked as they have been known to stick and this is a major draw on your water supply.

The Flow Thru version is the most popular and has a couple differ models that should be discussed prior to purchasing one.  The principal of the flow thru is to have water run across a tray that feeds onto the absorbent filter that the air will flow thru and carry the moist air through the home.  The first flow thru model uses a water line to direct the water on the tray and any excess water is then routed to a drain and in most cases drains to a floor drain. The second type that is more eco friendly uses a similar method but the water is collected and re-distributed so that 100% of the water is used and not going down the drain. This drastically reduces water consumption and you still have the turn it on and forget it approach. Below is one of Flow thru Models  that I would consider for my own home. The water savings alone will pay for this.

Flow Thru Humidifier



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