Are you “Handy” and is it a Good Thing when Selling?

Posted by Jason Froude on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 at 1:47pm.

To answer this question is a bit complicated. The answer is “It Depends”. Being handy is

generally a good thing as a home owner so that you can save some time and money and fix

things yourself. It is especially good if you never plan on selling your home. But for the vast

majority of people this is not the case.

It Depends

Whether or not your “handiness” is a good thing or bad thing depends on 4 basic criteria:

#1 - Do you do quality work?

The quality of the work done can be more important then the mere ability to do the work. Just

because you watch home improvement shows and you think you can tile a floor doesn’t make it

ok if the tiles end up cracking and the grout lines are all different thicknesses. The work that you

do has to be similar quality to a professional or the people considering buying your home will

either try to negotiate the price lower or simply walk away unimpressed.

#2 - Functionality

Is the thing that you are using your abilities to make worth making? You may believe that the

“awesome” entertainment built-in system for your 55 inch tube projector TV is the perfect

addition to your rec room but it may be just dating the room and scaring people away. You have

to make sure that the things you do to the house, when you are getting it ready to sell, appeal to

90% of the people 90% of the time. Meaning don’t make things too specific to just your tastes or

#3 - Finishing Touches are Key

You may be the best drywall hanger in the city but if you don’t take your time to make sure that

the tape and mudding are done properly and that the trim is done well, then you are going to

lose out. The finishing touches are what people in the know see that give away that it wasn’t a

professional job. I see it all the time, laminate flooring put in a room but around the door jams

the flooring is just cut (poorly) around, rather then under the tim and jams. Or a tub surround is

installed and the cocking is an inch thick. Paint on the ceiling or trim, loose wires, etc. All of

these finishing touches could be the difference between a fair offer or low ball offer or no offer.

Take the time to do the finishing touches (or hire a pro to do them) and you will be happy you

#4 - Keep it within your scope of ability

You are a handy person, no doubt about it, but even handy people need to know when they are

out of their league. If you have no idea how to do electrical wiring then don’t go jamming a

screw driver into an electrical panel. You wouldn’t step into the octagon with a UFC fighter just

because you watched it on TV. Make sure you do your homework before any project and if parts

of it are not in your wheelhouse then call in the pros.

So if you think you are the right person to remodel your home to put it up for sale then keep in

mind these 4 basic criteria because if you can ’t meet them, then you could lose money, not

save it, when you are ready to sell.

Jason Froude

Remax Mobility Team

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